New South Wales Country U18 /// 008 South American Tour.

From Australia to the World

The Under-18 representative team from the province of New South Wales, Australia, completed a second successful tour to Spain. It was NWSC second tour to Spain, and the third overall with VARSITY SPORTING EVENTS & TEAM TRAVEL as tour organizer.

In 2008, we had the opportunity of taking this internationally renowned team to Argentina and Uruguay, where the team played rugby matches with the provincial select sides of Mar del Plata and Rosario, and the U18 national teams of Argentina and Uruguay.

Three years later, our company had the pleasure to work again with the rugby union of New South Wales Country in the organization of its the first ever rugby to Spain. Games with the select sides of the Madrid Federation, Comunidad Valenciana, Catalunya, and Aragón were included in the itinerary.

After a first successful spanish experience, the australian team decided to visit Spain with us one more time in November of 2014, visiting the cities of Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, and Valladolid.

We look forward to a fourth tour with New South Wales Country!

New South Wales Country U18. 2008 South American Tour.

New South Wales Country U18 /// 2008 South American Tour.

New South Wales Country U18, 2011 Spain Tour.

New South Wales Country U18 /// 2011 Spain Tour.


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